ERGO Sp. z o.o.

Company description:

We are a company dealing with supporting other companies in the field: product brand, package, production, exposing in the sales point, design of interiors and office furniture. We are a leader manufacturing POS in the Polish market. Check our offer! We manufacture any elements supporting the sales i.e. displays, stands, presentation folders, show-cases, lightboxes, cases for cosmetics, furniture to the sales showroom etc. We also handle with the Visual Communication and the New Product Implementation Process Management. We invite you to cooperation.

  • Contact details

    Address: ERGO Sp. z o.o.

    , , Poland
    E-mail: Add email
  • Business hours

    Monday 09:00- 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00- 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00- 17:00
    Thursday 09:00- 17:00
    Friday 09:00- 17:00
    Saturday closed
    Sunday closed


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